Remember when you realize you’re expecting a newborn for they first time? Little after being overjoyed with the news, the practical questions start settling in. What does a newborn baby need? Read on to figure out exactly what you need to welcome a newborn.

Diapers and wipes

You’ll need to decide whether you need disposable or cloth diapers. The cloth ones can be washed and will be tasking. If you opt for the disposable ones, you’ll need a lot. On average, a newborn needs more than six diaper changes a day because they pass different colors and forms of poop.

Set of baby disposable diapers

Baby Clothes

Get these tiny clothes you see lying cutely on the store shelves. Vests, trousers, shorts, dresses, pajamas, shawls, washing cloths, stockings, sweaters and socks are basic things to purchase. As a tip, buy bigger clothes too. Newborns tend to grow very fast such that buying only clothes thar are small size will end up being unused.

Skincare products

A baby’s skin is quite sensitive. Be keen on the soaps you decide to use and the oils. You’ll need massage oils for the baby, a neutralizing cream for application after every diaper change, and the normal skin oil. Avoid heavily scented items. Try out Afroganics Coconut products which is highly good for baby.

Afroganics Skincare products


Although this may come in handy after a month or so, carrying your newborn will be made easier. All you need is to strap the baby on your front and comfortably move around.

Breast pads

Your breasts may have a lot of milk such that they’ll be leaking milk all through. Get yourself disposable or washable breast pads. These will help to avoid staining the rest of your clothes and limit any leaks.

Baby crib/firm mattress

This depends on whether you’ll be co-sleeping or not. If co-sleeping, your mattress should be firm and beddings clean, with the right fabric thar cant choke a baby. If the child is to sleep alone, get a crib with a firm mattress too. Cotton sheets work well for babies.

Baby bottles

If you won’t be breastfeeding, ensure you get more than one baby feeding bottle. A sterilizing fluid is also very important to help you clean them to prevent bacterial buildup.

Nursing pillow

You’ll need all the support you can get after delivery. A nursing pillow is able to elevate the baby during the nursing and makes you not strain during feeding. It can also be used to support your back.

Also important to have

Nail clippers


Car seat

Diaper bag

Changing mat

Maternity pads, sitz bath (for mummy)

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