Having a good scent is important. This should not only apply to your body, but also your home. We rounded up a few scents that are so amazing, your neighbors or guests will want to stay in your house longer. For the body ones, these perfumes, shower gel, and lotion collection is like no other.

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The shower gel

The Oud based shower gel greatly stands out for being highly fragrant. With notes of wild flowers and a strong attractive fragrance, this really makes you want to stay in the shower longer. The oud addition ensures that this shower gel is backed up with organic notes, leaving your body well refreshed. As a plus, it lathers up quite easily and will make your body filled in foam in no time. For KES700/ $7, this is a good bargain.

The Body Lotion

You’ve showered well, now you have to pamper your body with this oud body lotion. What stands out in this creamy, white lotion is how silky it feels to your skin. Attractive and well scented, it lasts the whole day, giving your body and skin a beautiful glow. It is refreshing too from the moisturizing aspect of it. With notes of some herbs, this is a lotion you don’t want to miss in your closet. Get this lotion at KES 800/$8.

A body lotion that lasts the whole day.

The Deodorant

We are not yet over how amazing this oud deodorant, in the red can beautifully smells. Definitely lady-like, it brings out a warm, jovial mood. It is definitely a scent you would wear to the office or casual Friday, or your weekend lounge days. Lasting 24 hrs and more as well, this mild scent gives you good feels the whole day. It has notes of wild flowers and herbs, with the oud addition skyrocketing the fragrance. This deodorant costs KES 550/ $5.50, and is worth every spray.

House scents

Certainly, you do not want to smell amazing from head to toe and have your room not going hand in hand with the smell. These two sachets of lavender and lily&jasmine match well in keeping your rooms highly welcoming. The lavender one is great for closed rooms as it gives more life, while the lily&jasmine one blends with a nearly outdoor setting. Once you hang these chips in a non-direct sunlight area, you are good to go for more than a month. Each lasting sachet costs KES 300/$3, and really gives value for money.

Enjoy these scents as a form of self-care.

You can easily order this collection by contacting +254 737 729155. Say yes to scents that last!

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