The world is currently faced with a pandemic that has forced individuals to stay at home. This to most mums means, more responsibilities from ensuring that your household is organised to cleaning any mess caused by your kids. These are just but a few of the challenges women worldwide are grappling with. If measures are not taken to balance out the current situation in most homes, then fatigue of the body and mind will overpower us mama. You should keep sane during this period through;


Most mothers ( if not all), love the joys that come with motherhood. In the quest to make everyone comfortable, yoy may end up neglecting your physical, mental and emotional health. For this we advocate that you try to allocate some time for self-care. You can care for your body through a facial with homemade ingredients if you’ve already run out of your products. Free up your mind through meditation and yoga. You can also listen to your favourite music playlist, because truly speaking, we know that music is food for the soul. Why not indulge?

Have a time-table

Sometimes all you need to do is ensure that everyone has a role to play in making the house a home. When chores and responsibilities and evenly allocated, no one will feel overworked. Give chores according to one’s capabilities, distributing them from the toddlers to the teens. Your better half should really come through in ensuring that everyone takes up these chores positively. Ensure to overlook and correct where need be. Help is okay mama, as it means more space for either personal time or some time with’ bae’.

Talk to someone

This may seem a bit obvious but it truly works wonders. Set up some time to FaceTime with your close friends and family as you share your experiences whether good or bad. This may be a good time to unwind and keep in touch with the world. You could host or join a zoom meeting and discuss different issues with other mothers or join a community of mothers and have a personal relationship with them. Trust us, you can learn a thing or two when you get to see how other mothers are dealing with their own household issues during isolation.

Indulge in your hobbies

It could be baking a cake for the family or binging on your favorite series. This will be a sure way to keep you in a good mood, leaving you reenergized for the next day. Break off from your routine by starting up a new hobby or reviving an old one you hadn’t done in a long time. The key is to find the utmost happiness in the ways you best know how.

Play with your kids

Being a mum doesn’t necessarily mean being tough every day all year round. Make some time this isolation period to play with your kids. It could be hide and seek or even puzzles. The goal should be to engage your kids in an intellectual, but fun way. It’s okay to revive your inner child too and get silly once in a while. Spending special time with your kids will boost your mother/child relationship and better your connection for a better isolation time for every party.

This isolation season may be a blessing in disguise. You’ve probably never spent as much time with your kids, especially if they are of school going age. Now that they’re home it doesn’t feel so isolated after all. Only remember that your sanity is the best gift mama.

Happy social distancing!

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  1. Am not a mum. But been struggling in keeping sane. I will try the timetable part. Thanks amazing piece.

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