The dust about George Floyd is barely settling. The world was treated to such a horrendous scene of what goes on day in, day out in the USA and around the world. The following days following the murder of George Floyd were dark filled with anger and other horryfing videos of police officers in the US roughing up black boys as young as 14. Emotions were running high; others joined the movement #ICantBreath and other kept the #BlackLivesMatter movement alive. The other quote of privileged narcissist fellows reminded as #AllLivesMatter. As a parent and a mum to a boy, my heart broke. https://www.facebook.com/107755434267742/photos/a.108524667524152/179165493793402/?type=3 I hope when my son grows up, he travels around the world. I pray that he becomes…

Before hashtags, there were power movements created by thought leaders who felt indifferent about certain stands, beliefs and practices. One of such is the famous Black is Beautiful movement which started in the 1960s by African Americans. It spread across the world beyond the USA and featured in the writings of Steve Biko in his Black Consciousness Movement.Black is beautiful aimed to tell a different story for a black person. That their natural features were beautiful. A sight to behold even. Their tough, sometimes kinky hair was beautiful and their dark skin was as beautiful as black. For decades, blacks, especially the women all around the world were pressured into standards of beauty which entailed using heat to strain their…

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