The question of taking the Covid-19 vaccine or not is on every dinner table conversation. With the world going through a pandemic that has left many people at a standstill, researchers have worked on producing the Covid-19 vaccine that spurs a lot of controversies. As such, it’s normal for people to have questions about them. Amidst the popular and medical opinions on getting vaccinated, your family members may have their concerns. How do you start off this conversation? Primarily, it’s preferred you just listen to them without judgment and identify the root of their concerns. Say acknowledging statements to make them feel safe and heard like, “I’ve noticed that you are stressed at work. How you’re working from home seems…

In this article, I will share what strength training entails, why ladies need to embrace it and the principles of strength training. So, stay with me till the end, wink* Strength training is also referred to as weight or resistance training. It is the use of free weights, weight machines, or your own body weight in exercise to train a specific muscle or muscle group to improve muscular fitness. Muscular fitness includes strength and endurance. Still with me? Most ladies assume that weight lifting will have them looking manly or like body builders hence you’ll find them opting for cardio-based workout. But hey, this is a misguided stereotype. The only way a lady will get bulky is if that’s her…

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