As we were courting, I asked him if he had a history of any critical disease. Aside from him sharing some infections here, and there, he didn’t seem to recall much of being ill growing up- not even chicken pox, common in children. Quite the contrary with me who constantly battled ulcers as a teenager, mostly because of academic distress as I recall it. Fast forward, and we’re under the same roof then boom! He utters, “Darling, I feel a certain itch between my thighs. Could you get a flashlight to check better what’s there?” I was perturbed. Why did he seem so disturbed with a usual itch? It should have been something that was going to pass, I almost…

Oh how irritating it is when you are not being heard by your man! It often feels like you are speaking to a wall that does not have ears. Pun intended. Getting to this point where you are constantly fighting and you do not feel like the other person understands your point of view is exhausting. My husband and I have had conflicting opinions often, and I had to learn the hard way on how to approach him. Coming from an empowered girl background, I had this mindset that, no man deserved me explaining to him anything like a baby. I carried the misled thought of having to be aggressive and confrontational in my union with me, only for it…

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