In case you don’t know what the word autistic means, I’ll give you the meaning but first, let’s know what the word autism means. It describes what an autistic person goes through. Parents of autistic children tend to work extra hard in taking care of their children. One thing that truly hurts and challenges so much is seeing their children go through tantrums, become aggressive, injure themselves, and refuse to comply with requests. Here are just a few common challenges parents face all around the globe while raising autistic children; Discomfort & Anxiety Due to characteristic communication difficulties, an autistic person may have severe anxiety issues but undergo a decreased ability to express it.The inability of people with autism to…

Have you ever felt like the world should open up its grounds and swallow you? That’s exactly what happened to me, June, a mother of three sons aged fifteen, thirteen and nine nearly a decade ago. I had spent my life as a single mother, having been widowed five years into my marriage and left with young ones. Raising sons reminded me of everything my late husband was. Loving, protective, tall and handsome. I loved those boys and would defend them to the grave. However, the challenge of disciplining them was actually real. My sons were a shadow, representative of my late husband. You see, as a woman, and growing up without brothers, all I knew was about girl stuff.…

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