How is your sex life? Do you enjoy sex like you did five years ago or when you were younger (hello my 40+ years old audience). Considering that right now you have so many responsibilities. At work, with your family(if you have one), or even responsibilities for your personal development. Do you consider sex time as exercise time or is it just sex time? Does sex burn enough calories to be considered an exercise? How much intensity do you need to consider sex exercise? Let’s find out. It is important to note that sex itself does not necessarilly improve health. In addition non-consensual, painful, unpleasant sex can cause severe emotional distress, physical injury and other health issues. With that in…

Beans – Some popular beans to add to your salad include red kidney beans, black beans and chickpeas. They are a great source of protein. You can use canned beans or prepare some at home. Cheese – You can either use shredded hard cheeses such as cheddar and parmesan or soft cheese that easily crumble like feta, goat and blue cheese. Cheese adds more flavour to your salad. Read also: Must have spices in your pantry Corn – Corn kernels not only add that pop of colour to your salads, but also more nutrients. Dried fruits – A variety of dried fruits you can add to your salad include cranberries and raisins. A healthy salad: Pexels Eggs – Boil those…

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