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Karen is a twin, fashionista, workout enthusiast, part time model and full time employee. She spends her leisure time praying, listening to podcasts, cooking and posting her recipes on her Instagram page @kaysfooddelights

Lamu Town Why Lamu?I love the ocean and the beach and when it came to deciding where to go this time for a short holiday with my husband, the Kenyan Coast came first in mind. I have been to North Coast (Mombasa), Diani, Watamu and Malindi but never Lamu. That was my next costal town to explore.Lamu Town is located on Lamu Island and is known to be the oldest town, in Kenya. Lamu is characterized by enclosed courtyards, verandas, and elaborately beautiful carved wooden doors. Manda Airport Getting ThereThere are various options to choose from when you decide to go to Lamu. You can drive, take a bus, a train then bus or just fly. I chose the easiest…

Getting your little ones to eat can sometimes require more of your creativity than usual. In truth, you may not have all the time to whip up something that takes hours to cook and present. Here are some ideas for you to try that your kids will enjoy fully. Ham, cheese roll If your family is made up of cheese lovers, this is the meal for you. Quick, easy to assemble and pop in the oven, as well as yummy to indulge in. Hash browns with cheddar cheese Still on that cheesy vibe, add in some potatoes and come up with a favorite for many young ones. You can have this for breakfast or any other time of day.…

Do you ever wonder what to do with pumpkin? This veggie is so gorgeous and a gem in cooking. Making bread with it could be the last thing on your mind, but it’s worth the trial! Coming out super sweet from the natural sweetness of the pumpkin, be sure to ask for more from your first bite.

Thinking burgers? How about you try this simple homemade recipe set to make you lick your fingers! These easy to make beef burgers are an easy compilation of ingredients. The spices set in so well, and you can variate depending on your tastes. For more heat, pop in some chilli flakes and bomb! Yummy burgers.

How about we begin the new month with a dessert? Why you ask? Because we want to start off the second half of the month with sweetness! Oh yes! These chocolate chip Muffins are perfect for you especially if you enjoyed our chocolate chip cookies previously posted here. The truth is, it’s okay to treat yourself everyday as we advocate for self love, and what better way than through making these muffins!

Having a long day and craving a nice wind-me-down? A sangria is the drink to run to. Perfect for hot days and cold ones too(especially for they wine lovers), sangria is such a vibe! It’s easy to make and remember, it’s only for mummy and the grown ups only. If you’re nursing or pregnant, you may want to pass on this one too. The beauty of this recipe is how you can use different wine of your choice to recreate yours.

Shout ‘I love you daddy’ using food this Father’s day! Here’s a 3 Course meal that will be a perfect way to celebrate this special person. Appetizer: Potato bacon soup Kick start your Father’s day meal with some potato-bacon soup. Nicely light and fluffy, it pleases the palate while preparing the stomach for the main meal. Starter soup Main meal: Samaki wa Kupaka ‘Samaki wa kupaka’ is Swahili meaning ‘Fish that is basted’, a popular East African cuisine dish. Daddies love some heavy meals and this promises to be just that. Going for this seafood option means you’ll have to make more than one portion depending on how many people you’ll be having to celebrate. For the kids, substitute…

There are many ways you can prepare a chicken dish. So much so that that variations have many spices, others none while others are stewed or dried chicken. Whichever your choice, this recipe is a good family treat and doesn’t make you any guilty for staking up more protein in your body. Try this chicken recipe and tell us how it goes. You can serve it with salad like we did or go extra by adding some potatoes. Chicken wrapped in bacon

Going on a Keto Diet isn’t bad as many think it is. Greatly specialized in limiting the carbs while increasing fat intake, you may wonder what yummy is left for you to indulge. Introducing Keto Chocolate cake with Almond flour! This flour makes all the difference. To make things better, this recipe uses no sugar but erythritol which is a sweetener. You can however opt for the Coconut nectar from Afroganics which we tried last week and it will be magic and healthy! Let’s dig in and enjoy keto! Keto cchocolate cake slice

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