Shout ‘I love you daddy’ using food this Father’s day! Here’s a 3 Course meal that will be a perfect way to celebrate this special person.

Appetizer: Potato bacon soup

Kick start your Father’s day meal with some potato-bacon soup. Nicely light and fluffy, it pleases the palate while preparing the stomach for the main meal.

Starter soup

Main meal: Samaki wa Kupaka

‘Samaki wa kupaka’ is Swahili meaning ‘Fish that is basted’, a popular East African cuisine dish. Daddies love some heavy meals and this promises to be just that. Going for this seafood option means you’ll have to make more than one portion depending on how many people you’ll be having to celebrate. For the kids, substitute the whole fish in bones with some fish fillet.

Yummy fish!

Dessert: Banana bread

A beautiful way to end the meal, is adding a dessert to your cooking. This cake is simple to make and goes so well as a family favorite. You don’t have to go all out icing it, as having it in its naked form works perfectly. You may serve it with a glass of a cold sangria.

Decadent Banana bread makes the most filling dessert

Happy Father’s day!

Karen is a twin, fashionista, workout enthusiast, part time model and full time employee. She spends her leisure time praying, listening to podcasts, cooking and posting her recipes on her Instagram page @kaysfooddelights

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