Shout ‘I love you daddy’ using food this Father’s day! Here’s a 3 Course meal that will be a perfect way to celebrate this special person. Appetizer: Potato bacon soup Kick start your Father’s day meal with some potato-bacon soup. Nicely light and fluffy, it pleases the palate while preparing the stomach for the main meal. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBpeQyQA83M/ Starter soup Main meal: Samaki wa Kupaka ‘Samaki wa kupaka’ is Swahili meaning ‘Fish that is basted’, a popular East African cuisine dish. Daddies love some heavy meals and this promises to be just that. Going for this seafood option means you’ll have to make more than one portion depending on how many people you’ll be having to celebrate. For the kids, substitute…

Father’s day is here and you may be wondering what to do for dad. Happening annually, this is your chance to teach the kids how to value their dad and celebrate him in a special way. If you’re still stuck at the idea stage, we’ve rounded up some practical ones to make the day memorable. Cook a meal for daddy ?Dad loves a hot meal, and what a better way to celebrate him by surprising him with his favorite by the cooking help of the children. If you can’t recreate his wishes by watching a YouTube tutorial, you can order from a restaurant and many home based catering business there are. Try any of Kay’s Food Delights recipes and you…

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