Father’s day is here and you may be wondering what to do for dad. Happening annually, this is your chance to teach the kids how to value their dad and celebrate him in a special way. If you’re still stuck at the idea stage, we’ve rounded up some practical ones to make the day memorable.

Cook a meal for daddy ?
Dad loves a hot meal, and what a better way to celebrate him by surprising him with his favorite by the cooking help of the children. If you can’t recreate his wishes by watching a YouTube tutorial, you can order from a restaurant and many home based catering business there are. Try any of Kay’s Food Delights recipes and you won’t go wrong. Daddy will definitely feel the love from all of you by enjoying his favorite. Nothing beats some good food vibe.

A perfect starter soup for Father’s day

Host an indoor picnic ?
Picnics are fun. If the sun is out in your area, you’re better off laying out the blankets and going full-blown by adding on some poofs to sit on in your balcony or lawn. With some relaxing music playing from the background, put on your sunglasses from Dynamic Optical Ltd and enjoy the day. The beauty with an indoor picnic is that you can customize it as you like, with food bitings for everyone. Encourage the kids to help you lay out the mats and picnic food(hoping they won’t finish it all).

Create fun painted cards for him ?
Say it with paint! This fun activity, geared to make dad somewhat handcrafted cards will be unforgettable for the children. Put some plain papers for them and encourage them to paint anything for daddy. You’ll be surprised at your kid’s creativity when motivated by doing something special for their dad.

Play some board games
Many dads like some challenges. If your partner is the kind that likes such, some afternoon filled with competitive board game play will do the trick. Involve the kids in playing the games and get onto some hearty laugh together. Aside from the tough ones like scrabble and chess, try Snakes and ladders which is kids friendly.

Have a photoshoot done
Dressing up and getting professional pictures taken of the family is a sweet way to keep the memories going. Daddy will enjoy the treat, (if he’s photogenic) and will most likely value that his family was captured. You can actually make this a family tradition such that over the years, he’ll see how his family has transformed.
Social distancing methods
If you’re away from your dad or partner, you can still make it special while observing the social distancing rules set around the globe. Send an e-card, ensure a gift hamper (Afroganics coconut based products would do well) or have a zoom party. A simple call reminiscing of why he makes a good dad will be a lovely idea that everyone can participate.

Happy Father’s day!

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