Car sickness is when a person reacts badly to motion, especially kids. It happens more often in children as compared to adults. When traveling, a child’s inner ear is always concentrating on the movement around them while their eyes are focused on that book or screen and since they are sitting still, the information from the movement through the inner ear tends to send conflicting data to the brain which then leads to vomiting, nausea, cold sweats, and other motion sickness symptoms.

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With car sickness, matters of inheriting those conditions from family is always a 50-50 chance. A child may have it or not. Parents with car sickness problems may have kids who don’t even portray signs of motion sickness while parents with no car sickness background, may have kids who develop those conditions. It’s nothing to worry about, taking a few steps below help prevent those motion sickness dramas.


  • Look Up and Out

Although it’s a good way to keep your kids occupied with games, movies, and books during road trips, giving them activities like naming games that will make them stare outside is the perfect way to prevent motion sickness. If you know your child suffers from having car sickness, put him or her in the middle seat so that they can be able to see what’s happening outside when needed. Just gazing outside may help you travel with your kids safely without any complications.

  • Travel During Sleep Time

If you’re focused more on the destination rather than looking at sights while on the way, traveling when your kids are asleep is much more effective. You may start your journey late at night, early in the morning, or at that time when you know it’s your kid’s naptime. This helps cover a larger portion of the trip while they’re sleeping hence avoiding car sickness problems during the journey, which at times may be so time-wasting. 

Try some of these remedies.
  • Pick Blended Easy-To-Digest Foods Over Spicy Foods

Always make sure that before or during the trip, your child feeds on soft, blended, easy-to-digest foods rather than spicy, and heavily sugared foods or drinks. This is essential because it helps prevent upset in the stomachs during the trip which may lead to issues including diarrhea. 


  • Open The Windows

Did you know that scents and odors around the car while traveling may cause motion sickness? Well, it does lead to an irritating uncomfortable feeling. Fresh air is all that’s needed to avoid some of these feelings like queasiness, which is quite boring during a trip. Open your windows or sunroof for a little bit if you notice your child is starting to feel ill as you travel. 

Other ways of dealing with car sickness

Even after applying these preventive measures to avoid car sickness, children may still suffer from those issues and one is advised to stay ready for anything. Carry a small bucket or bag to use when they throw up, sanitize their hands and disinfectant wipes

If your child gets sick during the trip, stop the car as soon as possible at a rest stop, park or other safe areas,  get out and walk around with your child. If they are feeling too sick to walk right away, let them lie down on their back and relax with their eyes closed. Ensure that if they’re lying in the car, good, fresh air is coming in.

Go to the nearest store or restaurant, see if you can get some ginger ale or another drink that will help settle their stomach upset. You can also try giving them some medication that is safe for them and effective like the Dramamine For Kids tablets. Try to also take your child’s mind off of being sick, keep them smiling and happy while someone else cleans out the car, and tries to get rid of any vomit smell.

They are simple and easy steps to follow that surprisingly, have fun and a carsick-free trip effect on you and your children.

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