Everyone may want a piece of you this festive Christmas season, and it can get overwhelming. Being the merry-making time, meeting more people that you’d not connected with earlier in the year is the norm. Amidst all this, you may tend to feel socially exhausted from the high fives, and grown up catch ups you need to make in a span of hours. Worse still, as a mama, the kids may be on your neck wanting this or the other, and you may be stuck wondering if you signed up for such festive-coupled chaos in the first place. How can you maintain your sanity this Christmas season, even when the demands are too high from you? 

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Have some quiet time before the noise

Since the Christmas season often coincides with the school holidays, the screams, cries, and cheers are your homes’ new normal. Whereas there’s nothing wrong with children being children, this noise can consume your peace to the last drop. The noise could even be coming from the grown up parties with pumping music, and cheers. If you’re keen to care for yourself, spare some minutes, or hour to sit quietly, sipping what you prefer, as you reconnect with yourself. This simple ways restores your sanity, and helps you be in touch with yourself.


Minimize the clutter

Clutter from kids toys, decorations, confetti, and much more can be triggering. If you’re unable to have the young ones play in a separate room, then it means your living area, and the rest of the house may feel more cluttered. Encourage your young ones to clean up after themselves, or hire a cleaning service to come in often to keep your space spotless. A decluttered space can be the one thing that can help restore your sanity. Master’s Shine offer such services for homes, and you can take advantage of their offers.

Plug off family gatherings if need be

Plug off this  Christmas, it's  allowed.Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels
Plug off this Christmas, it’s allowed.Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

You’re meeting this in-law, while the other relative is pulling your skirt, all while noticing someone seemingly gossip about you. Sounds familiar? Welcome to family get-togethers during the Christmas season. These reunions often give people so much tension, which can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. To maintain your sanity, be in tune with yourself, so much so, that you know when to excuse yourself from a family engagement. It’s okay to say enough is enough, and take some time off to recharge. It could be getting back to your room, or requesting for some time alone before joining the chit chat. 

Be open to things going wrong

One of the situations that create most tension is wanting everything to be perfect for Christmas. You may want to be in control of how well the decorations are done, ensure the food is top notch, all while insisting that everyone wears their matching pajamas. Whereas there’s nothing wrong with wanting the festive season to flow according to plan, being open to the flip side can save you lots of hearbreak. Be sure to leave room for any mistakes, all while accommodating everyone’s unique needs. Sometimes, some flexibility over uniformity makes people more relaxed, and enjoy more. 

Promise yourself not to lose it this festive season, by practicing some of the suggested ways. Maintaining your sanity is not only for you, but the joy of everyone around you this Christmas. Be of good cheer!

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