It’s officially the week before Christmas weekend, and all hands are probably full. With everyone decorating for Christmas, or trying to to finalize in the ultimate Christmas recipe, spirits are truly high. So, what fun activities should you consider for your little ones this Christmas season? Here’s some festive tips for you.

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Create some crafts together

A child making crafts- PEXELS

Kids love helping, and if your young ones want to spend more time indoors, allow them to. To keep them engaged, help them make their own crafts, like stars for decorating the house, or Christmas tree. Some crafts ideas are pretty manageable for children above 3 years. With some paper, cardboard, and glue, you’re good to go! Try some of the crafts here. Remember to keep your young ones off the scissors. You want zero accidents in the season.

Make baking fun this Christmas

Whipping up something with your entire family is magical during Christmas season. Well, not mentioning how messy it can possibly be. If you’re pro making memories over messes, get your kids to help in the kitchen. Better yet, guide them on preparing some gingerbread cookies and houses. The decorating part is always a winner, making your little ones enjoy the piping bag squeezes. Remember, you can compromise by being more patient than usual, because cooking with children can be nerve wracking.


Sing some Christmas carols & watch films

Perfect for the nights when everyone is well fed, and family time is here, this activity is a memorable one. Throw away the expectations to be perfect, or getting all the lyrics right. Some karaoke, or lip sync match is a brilliant way to bring out the hearty laughter of everyone else. Just imagine, with your Christmas pajamas, getting all silly! Let the joy settle in. Check out this carol suggestions.

Go through family albums

Family  albums  bring  the  Christmas festive  season  to  life-PEXELS
Family albums bring the Christmas festive season to life-PEXELS

If you’re low on travelling this season, bring back the joy in remembering your family. Huddled up together, as if prepping for a movie night, get out your family album and start asking your kids to guess the person. It’s an intimate way of solidifying the bond, as well as showing the family tree. This activity can evoke many emotions, especially if you’re trying to help your kids know lost loved ones. All in all, it puts you in the Christmas spirit, where families are meant to come together.

There’s lots of activities to try out during Christmas week. All meant to lift everyone’s spirits, try and accommodate the interests of everyone in your family. The more your people feel included in the activities choice, the happier your home shall be! Happy countdown to Christmas day!

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