With the current pandemic, families are advised to stay at home to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. To minimise the tension, families can engage in the following activities to help them retain a positive head space and in the process even strengthen their bond as a unit.

Cook together
Settle on a meal and make it together. The beauty of cooking is starting from scratch and enjoying the fruits of your results. To minimise any ruffles in the kitchen delegate the activities. For example in a family of five people, the husband and one of the kids can do the meal prep and the chopping and slicing of the ingredients. The mum on the other hand can cook the stews while the other children make the salad or guacamole. The trick is to ensure that everyone has a role to play while still working as a team. Share jokes while cooking, most of which should come naturally.
Once the meal is done, set up the table and enjoy your cooking. The food will automatically double in flavor as it was cooked with and in love.

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Listen to some oldies
This is the perfect time for parents to share some of the music they grew up listening to. You don’t necessarily need a vinyl record or a cassette player to do this. YouTube has made it easier to listen and even watch any blast from the past. Take your phone and create a playlist by your favorite musicians. Your kids will be so elated to listen to good music from those days. Slow dance as a family and just be in the moment.

Have a costume play
This may seem like a lot of work but with the current situation don’t we all have some up our sleeves. Choose characters and try to imitate their way of dressing then see which costume is a replica. You could turn this into a competition where the winner gets a prize to motivate and geer yourselves up to do a breath-taking job. You can choose to costume play as anything from your favorite movie character, a musician or as your next door neighbour. Trust me, this is so much fun.

Play games
This activity proves both fun and engaging. You could decide to play board games like monopoly, hide and seek or charades. Pick a game that will involve everyone’s participation. If numbers allow, have teams to create a competitive atmosphere. While playing, you’ll get to know each other’s personalities during the game. Be sure to have a fair play and try your best to win.

Narrate stories
I remember when we were young, my mum used to tell us stories and incorporate some songs therein. I still remember those songs and stories to date. It is without a doubt that such experiences become a part of us even when we grow up. We encourage parents not to shy away from either telling their own stories or those from their culture. You could tell these stories over a cup of tea and some healthy snacks. Engage them while story telling through song or even dance. This is also a good time to get off social media and destress whilst enjoying each others company. We have failed as a society if we do not tell our stories the way they ought to be told.

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