With the deadly Covid-19 virus pandemic still affecting many countries worldwide, this year’s Easter celebrations are mostly being done inside the pods or homesteads as compared to the real tradition of Easter celebrations where people would go for egg hunts around the block or attend family-friendly events and have fun outdoors.

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I know most of you are feeling down and wondering how to make this season truly special. Well, don’t worry, that indoor celebration can truly be more awesome than the outside celebrations. With today being Easter Monday, you can still make a festive Easter basket, chip in some special traditional brunch recipe, ensure that you don’t forget about dyeing Easter Eggs

This activity can truly keep Easter celebration spirits high even after Easter and funny enough, this may be the perfect way to bring a family together, especially those who don’t have time to celebrate holidays with family due to distance or work. Here are some of the best family-friendly activities to help you celebrate post-Easter indoors.

Some Easter eggs: PEXELS


  • Make an Easter Basket

Why spend on buying an Easter basket and you have all the time to create a unique homemade basket with your little bunny. Things like carrot-shaped cones and unicorn-inspired baskets and other patterns or designs that you’ll treasure forever especially since it’s customized.

  • Cook ane Dye Eggs in Your Instant Pot

Use the instant pot to help you save time, stress, and lots of mess in the kitchen. You can prepare more eggs at once in less than 10 minutes making it easy for you to even cook and dye your Easter eggs in the morning before enjoying your brunch and hot cross buns.

  • Craft a Spring Peony Wreath

It doesn’t matter if you hang it indoors or out, that unique homemade  DIY peony wreath will brighten your mood. Just simple and short instructions like this take just one hour, start to finish!

  • Discover A New Favourite Easter Dish

Apart from the usual Easter brunch stealing all of the culinary fun on that day, start a new tradition with some of this new yet easy dinner entreés. Each family member should write down a new recipe and then place it in a bowl, shuffle it and choose one as the “Winning” recipe.

  • Try a Family Friendly Experiment

Grab a pair of rubber gloves, teach your kids how to make showy patterned eggs with baking soda and rubber cement.

Get experimenting.Pexels
  • Teach Your Kids About The Origins of Easter Traditions

Let your children learn and know about the association of bunnies with this religious holiday. You can use this fascinating historical rundown as a guide and make a unique crafty bunny.

  • Make some snacks

You can as well enjoy this amazing day by making yummy snacks and enjoy with some cold fruit juice. Kids will surely enjoy this. Try a variety of flavors and pastel colours like the Easter dirt cake. This makes it a sweet happy celebration.

  • Play Some Indoor Games and Egg Hunts

Even after Easter, you can still have fun. You just don’t have to eat on Easter, have fun, play some games, improvise your egg hunt by doing it indoors. A house has so many places you can hide an egg for the hunt to be exciting. Keep the Easter egg hunt tradition alive. You can also indulge in some of these holiday-themed games to ensure your kids are active and at least far away from their phones and computers. Mazes, races, and more family-friendly activities are things you just don’t forget to write down on your Easter holiday celebrations to-do list.

There are more than 65÷ activities that you may practice on this amazing religious and fun holiday without even stepping foot outside. We are going through tough times because of the pandemic but it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. Let’s try and stay safe and indoors as much as possible until this crisis ends.

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