Everyone may want a piece of you this festive Christmas season, and it can get overwhelming. Being the merry-making time, meeting more people that you’d not connected with earlier in the year is the norm. Amidst all this, you may tend to feel socially exhausted from the high fives, and grown up catch ups you need to make in a span of hours. Worse still, as a mama, the kids may be on your neck wanting this or the other, and you may be stuck wondering if you signed up for such festive-coupled chaos in the first place. How can you maintain your sanity this Christmas season, even when the demands are too high from you?  Have some quiet time…

It’s officially the week before Christmas weekend, and all hands are probably full. With everyone decorating for Christmas, or trying to to finalize in the ultimate Christmas recipe, spirits are truly high. So, what fun activities should you consider for your little ones this Christmas season? Here’s some festive tips for you. Create some crafts together A child making crafts- PEXELS Kids love helping, and if your young ones want to spend more time indoors, allow them to. To keep them engaged, help them make their own crafts, like stars for decorating the house, or Christmas tree. Some crafts ideas are pretty manageable for children above 3 years. With some paper, cardboard, and glue, you’re good to go! Try some…

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