What comes to mind when you think of a coconut? Trust us when we say that it doesn’t stop at the huge shelled fruit. The very form and use of coconut as we know it is exactly what Afroganics demistifyied. Their clever and healthy idea revolves around their best performing products namely; coconut jelly, coconut nectar and vinegar. They’ve gone even further and incorporated a coconut scrub for your body, as well as coconut oil which is a must have for any family.

The coconut tree and fruit are an all round plant that forms the basis of these products.

Afroganics is all about coconuts. It commits itself in providing you a one stop shop to find everything coconut. The company makes a broad range of premium coconut merchandises.

Afroganics Founders

Coconut Jelly
Coming in six lovely scents; Natural, pine, strawberry, eucalyptus, lemon and rose;these jellys form the perfect addition to your purse. It is gentle to the skin, very good for babies while other pregnant mothers apply it on their baby bumps to maintain moisturized skin at all times. We all know how itchy and stretchmark-filled a pregnancy bump can get! One of its best features is the ability to curb excema, a common skin condition in young babies which really stresses parents. Additionally, the light to carry package of the coconut jelly is perfect as a lip balm, promising soft lips all day long! Thanks to the coconut jelly that’s so baby friendly, say goodbye to most of your skin issues.

Afroganics range of Coconut Jelly

Coconut Vinegar
How creative have you ever gone in your vinegar use? Well, this Afroganics product is an item needed by everyone who wants better skin. When using this super skin toner, be sure to dilute it with water as vinegar can be quite acidic to the skin if used in its plain form. Coconut vinegar is your go to product that you can swear by for getting rid of your acne. Remember the skin breakouts that happen to you when pregnant or post delivery? Probably even on the normal days when your hormones are at their peak? Be sure to fight back and get your skin glowing by using this consistently.

Coconut vinegar is good for your skin

Coconut Nectar
You guessed it right! This has to be something yummy. First off, its sweet scent is out of this world. This natural sweetener with zero additives and packed with amino acids, should be never miss on your pantry. Perfect for anyone who’s not taking sugar, coconut nectar from Afroganics beats any other in the market for its nice consistency. You can now sweeten your desserts, smoothies and pancakes in peace with a few drops of the nectar which are actually from the blossoms of a coconut tree. Family meal time just got sweeter thanks to Afroganics Coconut Nectar!

Coconut scrub
If you continually wonder the secret that models use in pictures for glowing skin apart from photoshop, it’s scrubbing. Look no further than to grab this beautifully packaged Afroganics coconut scrub. To make matters better, it has both coconut oil and lavender essential oil, which attributes to its glorious scent. This is an adult skin friendly product, and you will never have dead skin darkening your skin glow again.

The ultimate body scrub

Awesome Coconut oil
Believe it or not, Afroganics Coconut virgin oil is actually multipurpose. That’s to mean that you can use it as a skin and hair moisturizer as well as consume it for its Vitamin K and E components. When consumed, not only does it help your digestive health, but is also a great addition to your weight loss diet. This is such good news, especially because keeping fit is a key priority for a healthy life. Have this oil handy for happy days ahead.

Admittedly, the thought that these power products come from the coconut is incredible. They’ve been made with such finesse, meant only to nourish your body and skin! Super coconut goodies from Afroganics Shop , a must have for everyone.

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