It is normal to bleed after you have given birth. Normally, the uterus sheds the extra tissue and blood that supported the development of your baby to replace a new lining. It is called lochia. However, heavy bleeding might continue for more than a week, and when it happens is known as postpartum hemorrhage. Postpartum Hemorrhage in detail Postpartum hemorrhage refers to the more than usual bleeding after the birth of a baby. It happens within the first 12 weeks after delivery. The chances of a postpartum hemorrhage occurring after a cesarean birth are higher than natural birth. It occurs mostly after the placenta is delivered. What are the symptoms of postpartum Hemorrhage? Unusual large blood clots, the size of an…

The postpartum body is a work of art, like a warrior from battle and should be adorned with medals. Thriving Supermama You see yourself daily, being too hard on yourself and desiring to be like the girls on the gym adverts. Indeed, this is admirable, but not so when you just gave birth months ago. According to a random questioning of women, many feel the pressure to get back in shape as near as three months post delivery. Does this deep desire to lose weight really make sense and is it actually fair to you?Being that you have a newborn in your arms, you should realize that you gained weight, commonly known as baby fat. Your body took to a…

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