The postpartum body is a work of art, like a warrior from battle and should be adorned with medals.

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You see yourself daily, being too hard on yourself and desiring to be like the girls on the gym adverts. Indeed, this is admirable, but not so when you just gave birth months ago. According to a random questioning of women, many feel the pressure to get back in shape as near as three months post delivery. Does this deep desire to lose weight really make sense and is it actually fair to you?
Being that you have a newborn in your arms, you should realize that you gained weight, commonly known as baby fat. Your body took to a lot of feeding and you may have tried eating sandwiches or indulged in sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies or even gone extra with carrot cake along your pregnancy. Well, it’s understandable when you get on more kilos during and by the time of delivery.
If you are breastfeeding, you’ll be likely to lose some, however, this is not necessary a go-to option that works for everyone. Let’s start assessing the chances in your body when you get a baby. You’ll have a sagging tummy for a while. Yes, the weight, will get your tummy to that point which will sag from being empty after the baby is born. You’ll also have stretch marks, which, if you failed to use some body creams, they’re likely to stick around. The boobs that were once pointy become a thing of the past as they start saying yes to the force of gravity.
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A woman showing her scar after delivery: Pexels

With all these changes, you should love your body! The postpartum body is a work of art, like a warrior from battle and should be adorned with medals. It went through the most excruciating and life centered experience. It shouldn’t be forced to snap back like a rubber band! Oh no. Like a plant, it needs to be watered daily through healthy eating, and exercise when ready. Depending on how you delivered, you can be able to exercise from between six weeks or six months with the latter being the ceaserian section mamas.
Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate your body, even on the days you feel like it’s a hot mess. After all, that body brought and is nurturing life. Another rule of the thumb is trying your best to get some sleep. The status of your body is dependent on the sleep you give it. Alright, sleep deprivation is real with mums who have newborns to the toddler stage. How about you arrange some childcare and get to see how best you can rest?
Love yourself a bit more, care for yourself more. You’ve only got you to love you. Remember, your body is a work of art! Let the voices on weight loss when it’s not really due for you to start that journey be shut from your ears.

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