Fertility issues are one of the major causes of delayed child bearing. It is such a serious matter that experts in major developed countries are fearing could impact on population growth. Anyone who has walked this journey will confess that it’s not an easy one.

“It started immediately after our honeymoon. I had low sex drive, and was always moody. We tried several times, but no matter what we did, my body just couldn’t respond. We had to see a doctor who referred us to a nutritionist.” says Emily, a 28 year old lady.


Foods play an integral part in our bodies. They give us strength and repair worn out tissues. In order to stay active and ensure a hormonal equilibrium, one has to pay keen attention to what they eat and drink. The normal stressful pressures of daily life can be detrimental to the over sexual performance of a couple. Fertility medications are expensive and many a times, it’s a long a tiring journey that takes so much from you. That’s why with a proper eating routine and observance to these foods will help you a great deal. Read on to learn them.

Maca Root

This will not only help you, but your man as well. Maca roots increase fertility for men and women. It contains vital minerals and nutrients, packed with iron and iodine. It will also boost your immunity encouraging the release of healthy eggs.


Apart from being encouraged during pregnancy, yams and sweet potatoes will greatly help you before pregnancy. They stimulate ovulation boosting your fertility levels. They are rich in potassium, manganese, copper, and Vitamin C. These tubers also help in brain development.


Salmon goodness :PEXELS

If you love fish, then you should have a problem adding this to your menu. Salmon is not just delicious, but will definitely help you in your fertility journey. Filled with omega 3, your blood flow will be regulated, ensuring that it reaches your reproductive organs.


Also known as sea vegetable, this is an algae-looking like plant. They contain a lot of fibre, and can also be used in the preparation of food. Seaweed is with nutrients useful for many parts of your body such as liver, kidney, bladder, all of which are important organs in the fertility cycle.


Eating figs should be done often

These were an important fertility medication and prescription in the ancient Greek. Now, there is backed up data proving how vital they are in your reproductive health. They contain iron WHICH IS important for healthy eggs and ovulation.


If this article was about libido then oysters would definitely top the list. Regardless, eating them will raise your fertility significantly because they are packed with zinc responsible for good quality eggs.


We all love berries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries name it. Did you also know, they could be the reason why you’ll be expecting good news? Probably not! Nonetheless, berries are great at protecting your eggs from aging. This due to antioxidants found in them.


Eat a variety of beans, avoiding those with extreme acidity

If you didn’t like beans, now you have a good reason to. Beans, apart from protein also contain iron that help increase fertility and libido. Double win! Low iron levels can result in anovulation, which is when ovulation does not produce a healthy egg.

Leafy Greens

If you want your fertility to shoot up, from today stick to eating lots of spinach, broccoli, kales, and cabbages. These greens are high in folate and vitamins that have been proved to improve ovulation.

Vegetables and Fruits

It is important to include vegetables and fruits in your diet at least three times a week. If you are trying to conceive, it’s even more important that you observe this strictly. Fruits will boost your immunity and encourage health eggs.

While you are trying to eat the above foods kindly try and avoid the following, soy, alcohol, sugar and saturated fats. Kindly remember to identify any food sensitivities that you many have especially to sea foods.

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