With the continued advancement in technology, there are many types of breast pumps currently available in the market. Despite their various features, they can be either manual or electric. It may be difficult to decide which breast pump is best for you. Some of the factors you should consider when deciding include:

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Anticipated frequency of pumping

How often you plan to pump determines the type of breast pump you should choose. Moms who plan to nurse their babies and those who don’t expect to stay separated from their babies for long may not need to pump often. For them, a manual pump will help them get by comfortably.

On the other hand, an electric breast pump will be more effective for moms planning to head back to work soon after birth and need to pump on a daily basis, or for moms to multiples. It is a big time-saver as it helps express milk quicker than a manual pump. You are most likely to benefit from using an electric breast pump if you need to increase your milk supply. This is because you will save time especially from using the double electric breast pump.


The cost of a breast pump is sometimes the base line when it comes to deciding the type of pump to acquire. For the electric pumps, even single electric pumps, tend to be greatly more expensive than their manual counterparts. Mothers on a tight budget may therefore, be unable to afford an electric pump if you plan to pump often. Despite the cost, ensure that the breast pump you purchase if of good quality. Always know that hand expression can work just fine if finances are of a big concern to you.


Surprisingly, electric pumps, are not as portable as manual pumps which are generally lighter, smaller and easier to clean. This is despite their easy allowing of packing away and carrying to work. Additionally, you will still be able to use a manual pump if you are unable to access power or run out of battery.

Though a manual breast pump will give you complete control over the suction and speed of the pump, you may end up growing tiresome during manual expression and be unable to collect enough milk for a feeding. Alternatively, electric breast pumps will save you a lot of time pumping but can be quite heavy and noisy.

Take time to look at your lifestyle to see what will work for you best. You can also talk to friends and family who have pumped before as they’ll be able to give you more tips on pumping.

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