Stay-at-home mom refers to a wife who chooses to stay at home with the kids while the husbands take care of the financial needs of the family. Some of the stays-at-home moms chose to halt their careers to take care of their kids. A stay-at-home mom (SAHM) takes pride in the affairs of her children and everything involving her home. Just like any other job, being a stay-at-home mother has its fair share of shortcomings.

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Loss of identity

From the time they are born, and/or the time you decide to be a SAHM, your life will revolve around raising your child. Your social life and working life will longer be something you get to looking forward to. Motherhood will take over and you will be in constant demand to teach your kids values and spending time with them.

Limited interaction with adults

Stay-at-home moms miss the interaction with adults as most of their adult time is spend nurturing and caring for the infants. It gets lonely sometimes for a SAHM when you want to discuss real issues with an adult.

Never-ending chores

Stay-at-home moms have never-ending chores. There is always something to do from dusting, laundry, vacuuming, to cooking all meals. Once the kids arrive from school, another cloud of duties hovers over your head; from meal prep, assisting kids with their homework, playtime, bathing time to when they go to sleep. This exhausting cycle can get overwhelming.

Financial challenges

There is a financial burden especially when the family was used to two sources of income. You will find that the family budget will significantly drop since you will be depending on one income. If you were a working lady, you will also find it hard to depend on your husband for even the smallest thing. You will therefore need to get creative with your skills and look into what you can possibly do from home to earn you money.

Society expectations

Unfortunately, society often has an unrealistic expectation and judgement towards a SAHM. They are often misjudged on why they quit their jobs, why they chose their kids before their career or well-being, or why they spend a lot of the time with their kids. All this pressure may affect the mental health of the stay-at-home mum, if they absorb the negative energy spewed to them by the society.

Being a stay-at-home mom comes with its challenges as well as being a working mom. What matters most is that you ensure you have the best interests of your child and doing what you deem fit for your family.

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