There is something SACRED about giving birth. That is why moms end up with birth plans. Although not all go as planned, it is more so heartbreaking when a mother, so near delivering their bundle of joy, is turned away from the hospital. Where do they go?

In Kenya, there are government hospitals meant to offer somewhat free maternity services. This is no wonder the shock all around when this lady in the video was turned away, forcing her to deliver on the floor, in the scorching sun, with onlookers seeing her body!

The reason behind the hospital authorities not accommodating her are not yet known. All the same, we are definitely heartbroken from this lack of decency, empathy and protection to our mothers. This is indeed a call upon all women to be more keen and especially governments and hospitals to pull up their socks in ensuring every woman’s maternal health is a PRIORITY.

We should definitely ensure that our lives are carried with the dignity they deserve at all times. An injustice to one mother is injustice EVERYWHERE. #RespectOurMothers

Rachel is a mum of two boys, blogger and a lover of writing all stuff inspirational. Anything to inspire women and mums and you'll find her there. Check out her family's YouTube channel too @presentfatherhood

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