The fatigue with young kids is probably driving you nuts. I mean, I have been there. Not able to go out for a cup of coffee with friends, possibly cannot think of attending an overnight function because I have to be awake when the kids are wailing at night, nurse nightmares and tuck in the little ones to bed at least ten times. Simply exhausting! So you probably understand why Valentine’s has never been a big deal for me, well at least for the last two years when I have been back to back from being heavily pregnant to being on maternity leave and nursing. I mean who has the time to set up a dinner table for two, and keep getting interrupted by children running around since you want to have a dinner in the house. For years, I craved to have a peaceful ’Month of Love’ and now that the babies are more Independent, I am going to enjoy myself. Here are some of the things us tired mamas need this Valentine’s, some which you can even do for yourself to awaken your love scents.

Getting some quiet time

Honestly, getting some alone time is one of the things moms definitely miss getting from their past non-mom-life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I do not have like my sweet babies jumping n me, squeaking and running around. I definitely do, and it is a sign of growth and a happy home. Having some quiet time plays a key role in calming the noise and helping us reconnect with ourselves. If you can definitely be a way that we can fill our tank so that we can offer love to the whole family. As for me, I will definitely tell my husband to stay with the babies, even if it is for an hour and I get to dive into self-pampering.

Smelling some roses

Oh what amazing scents do to someone is still a science under research to date. I mean, roses are fragile, delicate, yet so beautiful. Sometime back, I thought that buying myself flowers was a waste of money. I mean, they won’t even last a week! As such, I was short-sighted in the beauty that this ritual I started to do for myself during special occasions did to me. They elevate anyone’s mood and are a pleasant sight. Smell some roses and remind yourself how beautiful yet delicately crafted you are as a woman! I recently found some amazing bouquet of roses which have some strawberries coated in chocolate that definitely proclaim love. The strawberries are so nicely coated and within the bouquet from Simply Chocolates.

Dressing up to feel beautiful

Listen, as a mom who stays with PJs nearly the whole day, or some mommy pants, I know too well how much someone’s fashion sense can change after babies. All of a sudden, especially when not going back to work, I realized that I would take zero time to apply make-up or have a nice dress on. Agreeably so because, who wants spills and poo or dirt all over their dinner dresses! So, they stay stuck in my closet, because I fail to want to check them (partly because I don’t know if I shall fit in them or not from the baby fat). This Valentine’s however, get your sexy back by donning in some fancy dress, that one that you have wished to go out with. Trust me, you shall really enjoy feeling and looking amazing. You can get some dresses from Kay’s Fashion Brand, as they have such a huge variety to choose from.

The Dusty pink offs-houlder dress from Kay’s Fashion (@kaysfashionbrand)

Don some jewelry

A woman with some jewelry shows some class and a level of self-care. Yes, if you are like me and leave the house in a hurry, forgetting even to wear basic earring, I relate. During this day, put on some piece that will be the center of your dress-code, something that actually speaks volumes from the craft used. Among the many samples available on Valentine’s, you need something that has a pink or red to it if you are going with the classic Valentine’s colors of red or pink. Mamorah Accessories have pieces that stand out, made of brass and other high quality material meant to elevate your look completely.

Some chunky jewelry to match your dress from Mamorah Accessories

Encourage the people around you to support you during this day. I mean, there is no way you can feel the love energy that the whole world gives during February when you are internally lacking in self-love and some peace of mind.

Prioritize yourself this Valentine’s! You deserve it.

Rachel is a mum of two boys, blogger and a lover of writing all stuff inspirational. Anything to inspire women and mums and you'll find her there. Check out her family's YouTube channel too @presentfatherhood

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