The fatigue with young kids is probably driving you nuts. I mean, I have been there. Not able to go out for a cup of coffee with friends, possibly cannot think of attending an overnight function because I have to be awake when the kids are wailing at night, nurse nightmares and tuck in the little ones to bed at least ten times. Simply exhausting! So you probably understand why Valentine’s has never been a big deal for me, well at least for the last two years when I have been back to back from being heavily pregnant to being on maternity leave and nursing. I mean who has the time to set up a dinner table for two, and…

You tend to work hard, yet should consciously take care of yourself too to avoid burn out. Self-care for moms with infants is very important for your well –being and that of your baby.  It is difficult especially for new moms to achieve self-care while balancing with an infant who needs attention all the time. Here are practical self-care tips for moms. Normalizing a self-care routine is important for YOU. Sleep Sleep is one of the most important and yet difficult self-care practices to achieve. Babies have a peculiar sleeping pattern making it hard for moms to find a flexible sleeping pattern without feeling overwhelmed.  To get enough sleep, you need to monitor your baby’s sleeping pattern so as to plan…

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