You tend to work hard, yet should consciously take care of yourself too to avoid burn out. Self-care for moms with infants is very important for your well –being and that of your baby.  It is difficult especially for new moms to achieve self-care while balancing with an infant who needs attention all the time. Here are practical self-care tips for moms.

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Normalizing a self-care routine is important for YOU.


Sleep is one of the most important and yet difficult self-care practices to achieve. Babies have a peculiar sleeping pattern making it hard for moms to find a flexible sleeping pattern without feeling overwhelmed.  To get enough sleep, you need to monitor your baby’s sleeping pattern so as to plan your sleeping schedule. Also, learn to get to bed early. You can ask your friend or significant other to watch your baby while you catch some sleep. Follow the recommended rule of, ‘sleep as your baby sleeps’ to help you navigate this season.


Exercising helps the body to relax and makes you feel good as a result of endorphins.  You might find it hard to exercise when motherhood takes hold. You will be surprised there are many routine videos for new mothers. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, search online for home routine videos or gyms where daycare is included. Remember to take it easy on your body and avoid any form of strenuous exercise routines. You can try out any of these 5 exercises at home.

Healthy Food

Healthy and nutritious foods fuel your body for energy, healing, and production of milk. These meals have to be balanced by including proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. Plan your meals to avoid numerous trips to the grocery store. It can be quite exhausting especially when shopping with a baby. In case you are in a hurry or hungry, make a healthy snack before taking the main meal. When you are too tired to cook, invite a friend to cook for you and remember to hydrate too, as well as avoiding many processed meals. Try out this healthy salad toppings.

Quiet Time

Quiet time allows you to breathe and reflect. Babies cry all the time and it can be quite exhausting.  Having a quiet time routine allows you to unplug from all social distractions- which includes your phone too. Get someone to watch your baby as you take time for yourself. Take a walk, go to the gym, listen to your favorite playlist, meditate, do some yoga, get a massage, or work on a hobby.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, be kind. Take a day at a time to take care of you.  Self-care goes a long way for your physical, emotional, and mental health.

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