Working from home is something that has been introduced to some of us at this hard time of the worldwide spread pandemic. Especially when you have kids and trying to work from home during this Covid-19 season, it gives you an idea that you will now be spending more time with your family, relax and also work at your amole schedule. Whereas this is true, the reality is, working from home needs much more self-discipline, focus, and time management. It may sound stupid for those who’ve never tried it but working from home can truly be problematic. Many people who have been through this road have been sharing how they are procrastinating important issues, always unfocused, bored, disorganized, and overwhelmed all the time. 


Such things bring a negative effect on creativity and tend to raise stress levels making you unproductive. There are some easy tricks to apply to always stay on track and focused on your work. These few techniques can help produce excellent work and on time as scheduled, stay organized, relaxed, and less overwhelmed. Some of them include:

Block Off Time Slots For Work

Some jobs don’t allow us to dictate our work schedule but if you can plan your work schedule, focus on ensuring you focus on maintaining that grid productivity pattern. It gives a balance between work and time to rest fully hence doing other activities that were planned.

One mom shared this work from home schedule we liked, “I find myself productive from 9 pm to 1 am and 9 am to 4 pm. From 5 pm-9 pm, I get to do my chores and spend time with my family and eat supper too. From 1 is to 8 am, I take some good relaxing sleep. This kind of time slot has kept me focused and able to work easily hence balancing my work and personal life.” Block off everyone and every distraction while you work, let everyone know that you’re busy and need some privacy. Let them know that after working hours is when you’ll spend all the time with them. Doing what should be done when your brain is fresh can help yield better results and accomplish goals faster.

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  • Prioritize High Impact Activities

Many people whose businesses are growing should have a daily to-do list that starts with the most important issues first. It may have 1 to 3 tasks, or at most 6 depending on your plans. Let 80% of that list be about growing your business and the rest 20% be set aside for working on your client’s work. This helps make most of the tasks doable in a more organized and efficient way. If you encounter unplanned barriers forcing you to postpone that activity to a later stage, then set a date to deal with that issue, write it down and forget about it until that day reaches. This will help you focus on other important issues.

  • Start With What Scares You

Everyone goes through this, feeling so afraid to do something they find so hard. Like me, I’m scared of cameras and I remember the first day I wanted to start my first live video show. Before I went live, I was sweating everywhere but immediately I started my live feed, I somehow got energized during the show and after the show. This made me feel so energized and encouraged to work on the other things that I was resisting. No matter what the fear is, you can only overcome it by trying to start working on those fears first. This will help reduce procrastination and help you and your job work swiftly in synchronization.


  • Do It Together

Apart from working on your productivity skills and tackling the scariest issues first, it’s hard to focus yet you’re the only one being held accountable, especially if you’re working on things that need extra focus. Here I can recommend you to create a video conference using apps and sites like Zoom, Skype, Facetime among others. Invite your family members, colleagues, friends, and even your clients. Once they have joined you virtually, let everyone share what they plan to accomplish in the next hour then mute the conference until the time is nearly over. Unmute it and inform them of your progress and know what they have also accomplished too. If you don’t have someone to invite, you can look for a stranger at and work on your task more effectively. 

  • Learn To Unwind

Work, work, and more work without rest makes you dull, and your mind uneasy. A lot of hardworking businessmen and women tend to find it hard resting which causes them to suffer from fatigue, dullness, boredom, and stress. You need to align your workday with your natural work/rest cycles so it becomes more manageable. If it’s taking a walk, meditation, or watching funny clips that make you unwind and switch off your brain for a while, then do it. I know some of us always find it hard to switch off even as we rest, but look for something that triggers your brain to switch off and come back fresh and ready to work on the next issue.


Simple things like that truly bring a positive impact on your working from home schedule. Try them and notice the amazing change.


Rachel is a mum of two boys, blogger and a lover of writing all stuff inspirational. Anything to inspire women and mums and you'll find her there. Check out her family's YouTube channel too @presentfatherhood

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