Mother’s day is here, another opportunity to celebrate your mom. It’s a fact that mothers can be described as the backbones of each family. They are the ones who handle and make sure everything is superb around the home, supporting us in all our endeavors which helps us throughout our lifetime. As we celebrate all the amazing and strong mothers out there, I want to take some time and give you a few goods and awesome gift ideas that may be perfect for celebrating your mother on Mother’s Day.

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Here are some of the sweet and memorable gifts that you may use to celebrate your mother apart from telling her how much you love her.

  • Jewelry and Accessories

Women are always obsessed with beautiful and classy things especially jewelry and watches. Gifting mom something unique from Kipato Unbranded, or a statement watch from Sued Watches can be the perfect thing to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day. 

SUED just launched a new collection, that mom would love and appreciate as a gift.


Kawira Africa is serving some amazing brass pieces that your mom will really love to own!

Surprisingly, these are just a few of the countless numbers of  African brands that may be the perfect choice for Mother’s Day gifts for you.

Also check out Gean Jewelry for their amazing collection of jewelry and more.

  • Home & Kitchen Tools

Nothing brings lots of smiles to every mom more than the sight of a beautifully furnished home with a well-equipped kitchen.

Gifting mom some kitchen appliances could just be it for her. This is if she wants to advance her wares and spends time in the kitchen. Greenzone Investments have a wide variety of kitchen items to choose from which your mom can pick from.

Get mom some stuff to lift her kitchen or home look, especially if she loves hosting or a decorator.

You may also choose to get her new furniture if she would prefer it. 

  • Bags & Accessories 

You can visit pages like Jokajokluxuryleather, and order your mom a beautiful bag for Mother’s Day or take a look at some cool El Afrique and Suave Kenya merchandise too.

This luxury leather brand serves nothing below top notch quality. If your mom likes fancy and luxurious items, this is hers!
  • Flowers, Cards and Chocolates

Don’t stress yourself looking for huge and expensive mother’s day gifts while you can just buy mom some chocolates, or flowers with strawberries from Simply chocolates.

These handmade chocolates are perfect for mother’s day. Such a show stopper!


Apart from material things, one of the best mother’s day gifts is appreciation. If her love language is words of affirmation, then telling your mother how much you truly love them may be all it takes for your mom to have the perfect Mother’s Day.  If she prefers quality time ,having lunch or dinner with her may also work as an awesome gift. Spending time with your mom on mother’s day may be the only gift she wants.

Some moms may just want some time away from the house and childcare, so be sure to ask her what she actually wants and give it to her on this special day.

A mother is one in a million, who performs millions of tasks using just one body. Quite amazing, right? Appreciate and give thanks to all mothers as we celebrate Mother’s Day. It doesn’t matter if she’s a single mother or married, old or young, dead or alive, just celebrate her no matter what. She deserves light, and happiness on this day, and more, not just on the d-day for remembering moms, but every other day.

You exist because a mother gave her all.

Rachel, Founder Thriving Supermama

Rachel is a mum of two boys, blogger and a lover of writing all stuff inspirational. Anything to inspire women and mums and you'll find her there. Check out her family's YouTube channel too @presentfatherhood

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