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Pav bhaji is a popular Indian street food that consists of a spicy mix vegetable mash & soft buns. It is so popular, such that every street corner you turn to, you shall find it. In all truth, you can eat Pav Bhaji every day without feeling like it is too much on your palate. This popular meal is eaten by cutting some piece of the pav (bun), and scooping the bhaji (vegetable mash) then just sweeping it to your mouth. Now near to home, you can enjoy this from Suli’s Magic Kitchen right here in Nairobi. So, what makes this Pav Bhaji particularly stand out so much from the rest of the others?

The portion served is well filling

At Suli’s Magic Kitchen, you get to have a portions of 2 pav and bhaji, an attached portion salad of onions, and chopped tomatoes. This portion is so filling because it can easily fill a grown up at dinner. The butter toasted pav, which are the buns, are long enough can be cut halfway, and are rich. Be sure to mention if you would prefer the buns whole wheat or white bread.

Ingredients used are top notch

This meal is somewhat spicy, and you can adjust that in your order if you prefer the heat on the low. The flavor is mind-blowing, as by using the freshest vegetables, this meal stands out. The buns are freshly prepared and if you are gluten intolerant, this meal may not be the best choice. For the vegetables, you will notice lots of potatoes which make this mash thick and easy to scoop with the buns.

Kids love it!

The butter toasted pav, eaten along with the veggie mash is definitely a kid’s favorite. You can easily incorporate it in your kids menu for its ease in being digestible. From the incorporation of the mash, it makes it easy for kids to chew and swallow, hence a favorite. Many kids love butter toast and what a better way to give them exactly what you like!

Fair pricing to fill your tummy

A filling meal does not need to be extremely expensive. Not when you will want to eat it every day! Suli’s Magic Kitchen know that very well and have curated their portion to suit your tummy and pockets alike. This portion that serves one is at Ksh 400 or $4 only! Only that to get full and you are good to go!

You can order this meal straight up and get responses fast from Suli’s Magic social media pages. Their Facebook and Instagram are open for your messages. For best service, ordering half a day earlier is better and easier for delivery from Suli’s Magic Kitchen to your home with love.

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