Getting the correct balance in some hair products can be challenging. Skincare too! So when Ally’s introduced their range of products all hair, all body, all natural, every mama should consider. The naturally handmade soaps stand out with their unique designs from the beautiful molds used. Great for children too, we tried these products on dreadlocked hair and dry skin. This is what was realized.

Shampoo, conditioner with treatment and hair oil

This range of hair products smells exotic. Made with an addition of herb notes, you can pick that herby and floral scent, which will leave your hair with a memorable fragrance.

Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair oil

The shampoo lathers easily, on a scale of 10, it scores a 7.5. The no-excess foam is key since the dreadlocked hair did not need too much rinsing. Two after-wash rinses were enough. You also do not need to use too much at a go. Around 30ml was already enough for the 70 thick dreadlocks. One of the key things to note is that it does not sting the sensitive scalps, hence safe for young children from a year onwards. It helps with volume, breakage and itchy scalp.

Ally’s shampoo

Th leave in conditioner is smooth to the hand and easy to use. For hair that needs combing, it enrichens it and softens the hair strands while nourishing it. Being that it has the conditioner and treatment in saves you the trouble of having to buy extra treatments. Lighter than the shampoo in viscosity, this conditioner is able to do its purpose well. Just a spritz away!

What is a healthy hair scalp without hair oil? Ally’s know this too well and modelled this in their hair product package. Easy use from the applicator bottle, you wont need to stress over removing this oil or using too much. Use this for that extra sheen. Noticeably, the scalp stayed healthy for a week, but you can oil at least twice for better care.

The soaps

A great variety of soaps from Ally’s are Ksh 350 a bar. Natural and a wide variety to choose from for all your different skin care needs.

These soaps are the way to go. Depending on your skin needs, they are formulated to actually give your skin healing over time. In a one month consistent use, you can be sure to begin seeing some changes in your skin. Be prepared not to mix these natural soaps with others as it will alter the process. Since they are natural, they are baby-safe. Consult your pediatrician to be totally sure.

Check them out on their socials on Instagram at Sanaa.tu, Facebook at Ally’s Hair and Body or contact them via +254 723 118 256.

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