Yes, mums tend to get so busy that they forget to even have or maintain good hair days. The following are some easy do-it-yourself hairstyles that you can look glam in and quickly do at the comfort of you homes so as to kick right back to their tight schedules.

Cornrows/Flat twists
This hairstyle is not only timeless but also a good option if you’re looking to cut back on your hairstyling and maintenance period. When looking to promote hair growth and correct hair damage, cornrows should be your go-to style. They are so easy to do and anyone can really get creative with them. First, decide if you’ll do it with your hair alone or will add braids for a longer finish. To create the perfect cornrows, begin by taking one or two inches of hair from the top and part into three sections. Plait from the right section underneath the middle part and repeat the same process with the left section. Continue with the aforementioned process by adding the hair from your sides or a braid piece. Do this gently till you reach the end of your hair without involving your edges. The tip with keeping cornrows looking fresh and preventing hair damage is moisturising your scalp plus the cornrows on a regular. Find the oil that suits your hair type without clogging your hair pores with too much oil. Go for a shiny and healthy luster rather than a greasy or dry alternative. Protect your hair when you sleep by using a satin pillowcase or cap, avoid materials like cotton and polyester that end up stripping your hair’s moisture. This acts to safeguard against moisture loss, split ends, and thinning hair. Wash and redo your hair if you’d want to have fresh cornrows after two weeks.

Crotchet hair
This hairdo entails adding hair extensions to your hair using a hooked needle called a crotchet. This style is absolutely effortless and fast to install. If you’re tired of your cornrows and need a new hairdo then crotchet hair is for you. They are gentle on your hair are cheaper and give a really natural finish. To install crotchet hair, start from doing cornrows, oil them then loop the crotchet hair through the cornrows using the crotchet. If you want a fuller head crotchet more strands of hair. They allow you to create varied hairstyles and you can choose to experiment with different hair colors all based of preference.

Bantu knots
For this hairdo start with untangled and moisturised hair for the best results. Section your hair and apply a good moisturiser. Your sections may vary depending on the result of the curl you need and the length of your hair. If you have long hair, opt for larger sections for a looser curl definition. For shorter hair, do smaller parts for tight curls. Hold each section at a time and twist close but not directly to the scalp as it will cause discomfort. Continue twisting until the hair curls up on its own and forms a pyramid shape. Set the knot by twisting the ends under the knot to secure it in place. Repeat this process until your entire sections are knotted. You could sleep wearing a shower cap or anything that will allow the moisture to evaporate enough before unscrewing the knots. For a gorgeous curl pattern don’t pull the curl completely while removing the knot. Use your finger or a white edged comb to separate and puff up the curls for more definition. Add shimmer to your curls by spraying your hair with a hair sheen spray.

Wearing your wig doesn’t mean that the hair underneath is left dry and unkempt. You could choose to do some neat cornrows and oil them daily. What wigs do it act as a protective hairdo from harsh weather and the constant untangling of hair as a result of combing or plaiting. Wigs let your hair breathe by giving you a break. Choose a wig that perfectly describes your personality. You could go for one with color, a bob or a curly wig. Have two or three wigs and alternate wearing them. Have fun and definitely wig it up.

Marley twists
I adore these twists and attest to their benefits as super flexible, long lasting and low maintenance. As salons are closed you can just easily do and re-do them. They’ll take approximately one and a half hours to thirty minutes if you’re a pro. They don’t have to be perfect as the more natural they look the more real they’ll appear. Twisting them makes them perfectly blend with your real hair. You can do the twists from the roots or you could first do twists with your hair then add the marley twists. Section them, oil then get to twisting. They can be washed and re-used and that makes them economically convenient. This hairstyle is extremely light and is definitely a protective hairstyle. Be sure to oil your hair on a daily when rocking this hairdo and don’t twist too tightly when installing them. Style them any way you like from a pony tail to a bun or just let your hair down.

Headwrap it!

If you’re stuck with bad hair and totally have no energy to do any of the above, get yourself an amazing and colorful head wrap from Nywele Chronicles. These bands ooze nothing but beauty, perfect to transform bad hair days to amazing ones. Get pretty! You deserve it mama!

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