For a staggering number of women globally, finding a perfect balance between motherhood and personal care is a struggle. Most of them attest to a feeling of guilt every time they self indulge. This Mother’s day, we advocate for women to allocate some time for self-gratification with utmost kindness and care. You deserve it!

Here are some of the ways you can pamper yourself this Mother’s day while at home.

Make yourself something tasty

Staying at home should not limit you from pampering yourself this Mother’s day. You could make some chamomile or peppermint tea that will leave you feeling relaxed and in a good mood. You could also cook together with your family. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complex meal A pro tip is ensuring that everyone knows and understands their roles before embarking to prevent to many cooks, spoiling the brooth.

Self care

There is not one single way about this but good selfcare regimens should leave you feeling recharged, fresh and smelling amazing. One way is moisturising your body from head to toe; and make sure to have fun while at it (play some nice music on the background). Have a detailed facial; cleanse, exfoliate and finally moisturise your face with your favourite oils. If you are out of products, you could make your own at home and still get the desired results. An example of a homemade toner is made up of turmeric and yogurt paste. Make sure to consistently continue with this regimen for the best outcome. Don’t forget to moisturise your heels that are mostly dry and cracked. After treating your entire body, do a pedicure and manicure and paint your nails in your favorite colors. Finally, for that massage, make your hubby, or anyone suitable your designated masseur.

Get dolled up

It’s your day so get out of your usual mind-numbing clothes and glam up. Give yourself a face beat and don’t shy away from experimenting with different color shades from your eyeshadow palette. Try different outfits and take many pictures while at it before settling on the outfit of the day. Pair outfits with complementary colors and see how that turns out. If you’re struggling to settle on an outfit, tell your kids or friends, via zoom, to help you pick one. Get playful and look at yourself in the mirror. Mama, you are beautiful!

Binge on your favorite movies

Sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite movies in the genre of your choice. Having difficulty deciding?  Re-watch a compilation of your all-time favorites while enjoying some healthy homemade popcorns, choco balls or samosas.

Listen to your favorite playlist

Music somehow livens up everyone’s heart, mind and soul. For this, come up with a playlist by your most adored musicians and of your most preferred genre. Dance around and get goofy with every song. Slow dance with your partner or dance around with your kids and totally enjoy every moment.

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