Warming up before physical activity is highly overlooked I’d say. Some moms just go straight to the exercise of the day without preparing the body for that day’s workout. Are you one of these moms? 

Whether you are getting into a yoga session, Pilates, aerobics dance, cross-fit workout, strength, endurance training, playing some squash or tennis at the sports club, it’s important to make a warm-up part of your exercise routine. Today I’ll share with you reasons why warming up should be an essential part of your workout.


Warm-up is like a pregame on a heavy night, wink wink. This is where you prepare the heart, lungs, and muscles for strenuous activity.

A good warm-up lasts for 5 to 15 minutes. This depends on the intensity of the activity any mom is going to be undertaking. It could be specific or general. Where a specific warm-up concentrates on the muscles that will be used during the activity. A general warm-up just works the entire body.


Let me highlight why you should not skip warming up in the next form of exercise you undertake.

  • Getting your muscles warm, active, and ready for action. Warming up your muscles ensures they contract more forcefully and relax quickly during exercise. This means that you reduce the chances of overstretching them hence avoiding injury. Warm muscles have improved elasticity which means you will enhance your speed and strength during your main workout session.
  • Blood vessels dilate during a good warm-up. In addition, there is an increase in blood flow to and from the muscles through the capillaries and veins. Therefore dilation of blood vessels puts less stress on the heart during exercise.
  • Raising the body temperature will increase blood circulation which in turn will help you perform well. High temperature weakens the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin. Hence oxygen is more available to the working muscles which improves endurance.
  • Prepare joints for maximum flexibility. Flexible joints give room to enhance the proper form. Your joints can reach their maximum Range Of Motion which reduces your risk of injury. Let’s say you haven’t been getting a deep squat with your regular workout plan. Adding a warm-up could be what you need to get that ass to the grass. Try it and let me know!
  • Avoid overheating. Warming up activates the heat dissipation mechanisms of the body. This ensures that the body can cool efficiently during your main event.
  • Activate your Central Nervous System hence primes the muscles for the workout you are about to engage your muscles in.


Now that you know why it is important to warm up, you could be wondering how to warm-up. The main goal of a warm-up is to elevate your heart rate and mentally prepare you for exercise. This way there is more flow of blood to the heart. Hence a higher cardiac output and you can anticipate the main event.

Some activities you use to warm up include: jog on the spot, high knees, jump rope, run up and down the stairs, or some kicks and punches. Some other ways include running on the treadmill, using an elliptical trainer, or a recumbent bike. How about you try one of these ways to warm up and let us know how it went.

A sports, exercise and wellness consultant. Check out her Instagram @muenikimani

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