What’s the closest you’ve got to actually experiencing luxury? Do you wallow in thought thinking that it is only set for specific people? Well, Fatima Luxury Oud collection seeks to change your perspective with their wide range of oud products. These skincare and fragrance products are perfectly blended, well suited to apply, with some even child-safe for use! Now, what better feeling is there than when you and your environment smelling purely heavenly? Here are a few products that are top notch and a must-have in every home, in your purse, or car.

Hamidi Luxury Oud shower gel
How you start off from your bathroom matters. The Hamidi Luxury Oud shower gel is well curated to suit both sensitive and non-sensitive skin. As if not enough, it is baby-friendly too, and great for bubble baths! This shower gel has a sweet fragrance, as well as the ability to totally lighten up your mood. Forming lather very easily as it should, it’s smooth to the skin, and totally gives you a luxurious experience. Get it for everyone in your family and they will appreciate it. Noteworthy is that the fragrance is gender neutral. Not too feminine, nor masculine hence can be enjoyed by both. What a bubbly bath!


Hamidi Luxury Oud body lotion
Now that we all agree that great scents are the ultimate self-care package, you’ll fully conceptualize it when you use this lotion. Smooth, silky and feels so good to the skin. The Oud body lotion comes in a variety of ways, with especially feminine scents. The beauty with this is how it keeps your skin feeling well moisturized, preventing cracking during the day. We also noted that it sticks to the body longer than most lotions which wade off their scent. To mean that you’ll feel and smell fresh till your next bath!


Durriyah pure concentrated oil
A dash of oil here and there and you’ll get everyone wanting to hug you more. This pure concentrated oil is perfect for use with a feminine tinge. You can apply it on your palms, and on your neck then at the back of your head. Remember to use it sparingly as that’s the best way to enjoy it the most. With its exquisite scent and fruity aromatic notes, everyone will turn towards your direction to notice where the scent is from.


Hamidi water perfume
This naturally extracted from the amber of Amber ores is a must have perfume. Here’s why. It’s a beautiful scent. You can use it interchangeably with the other items like the lotion and pure concentrated oil. Its exotic scents give a sweet splash of luxury. Needless to say, when you splash it on your body and swirl, or on your clothes, the scent will last for longer than a day. Not too overpowering in fragrance, this water perfume is a great addition to your purse for its portability too!


Hamidi air freshener
Now, imagine being clean after using the shower gel, applied the luxury body lotion and some concentrated oil on your skin, then walking around a house that doesn’t smell nice. What a de-service! This air freshener is an important household investment to keep your environment in tune to your own skin and scent. There are two particular scents that are different yet so exquisite. The Aqeeq, which is oriental in fragrance, and Zabarjad which is a fruity fragrance. Get to choose which one excites your nose and mood.


There’s more to the store of Fatima Oud Luxury collection. Be sure to add to your cart some hand wash, body scrub,hand sanitizer, body butter, hair shampoos and conditioners and more! The best part, they are all oud based. In 4th Parklands Avenue, Nairobi, their shop is easy to spot. Online purchases are perfect too when you don’t want to leave the house. Pure Luxury!

Rachel is a mum of two boys, blogger and a lover of writing all stuff inspirational. Anything to inspire women and mums and you'll find her there. Check out her family's YouTube channel too @presentfatherhood

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