On most occasions as a mother, you may neglect yourself in the quest to put everyone else first. Free time can be too hard to come by but when you do get a chance, don’t shy away from having a new hobby.
The following are some hobbies you can take up on your free time as a mom.

Do some writing

When you begin writing, it doesn’t have to be professional writing like a book, you can just start journaling as a hobby. Writing your ideas on paper is very therapeutic and it does wonders as a stress reliever because you get to vent out not on people, but in writing. Seclude yourself in a quiet place and write down what you can for a minimum of 15 minutes daily and see the positive impact it will have on you. If you’re are into professional writing, then turn it into something fun by starting your own website and blogging. Pick a niche and work your topics around it. The best part of this is, if the website grows you can even start cashing in on your hobby.


The aura set from meditation makes its benefits undeniable. From relaxing your body and mind, meditation also allows you to become more alert and numb to any anxiety, stress and depression. It is easy to incorporate meditation any time of the day and do it consistently. If you can’t get any free time during the day, try some meditation right before you sleep. If you are new to meditation, start small by scheduling a 3-5 minutes breathing exercise over some soothing music to calm your nerves. Advance to intense meditation practices like an hour of ASMR whispers. Some of the most recommended meditation sessions are by Pura Rasa – Your Meditation Library on YouTube.


Baking has a very satisfying effect on a person. It may probably be the feeling of mixing ingredients and watching them rise to something in the oven that makes it fulfilling. Whip up your ingredients and bake anything you’d like; donuts cakes, biscuits and bread. You could ask your kids to help you do measurements and have fun while it. Just don’t forget to pre-heat your oven!

Learn a new language

Having another language up your sleeves can be live saving as human beings make up a global community. Learning your favorite language has been made easier with programs like Duolingo and Learn Language. Other fun ways to learn a nouveau language are; joining a community of people learning your language, watching movies with subtitles and listening to loads of music. Sounds fun, right?

Listening to a new podcast

Podcasts have become so accessible courtesy of apps like Anchor, Radio Public and Google Podcasts. You can just plug in your headphones and listen to varied podcasts in your favorite topics. If you’re already into podcasts do some research on new ones to spice up your playlist. There are so many topics to explore from relationships to food, so give it a chance. Listen to our podcast here.

Start a kitchen or flower garden

If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty then dive into your home garden. It doesn’t have to be grand, just enough for you to have work done on it. Plant your favorite veggies and beautify your home with some colorful flowers. Having vegetables just outside your house is not only enjoyable to do but will save you a bunch on grocery shopping.

Practice a DIY hack

Start up a do-it-yourself project of your interest. You can get crafty and make jewelry, re-paint your home, try out natural products on your hair and skin among others. This can be a good time to do something fun with your kids by experimenting with safe things at home.

Practising all or some of these as per your interest empowers you to actually have your own identity as a woman, beyond being a mother. You don’t have to commercialise these hobbies, start off by allowing yourself to be serene when pursing them.

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