Going on a Keto Diet isn’t bad as many think it is. Greatly specialized in limiting the carbs while increasing fat intake, you may wonder what yummy is left for you to indulge. Introducing Keto Chocolate cake with Almond flour! This flour makes all the difference. To make things better, this recipe uses no sugar but erythritol which is a sweetener. You can however opt for the Coconut nectar from Afroganics which we tried last week and it will be magic and healthy! Let’s dig in and enjoy keto! https://www.instagram.com/p/CBSWwwXgaQA/?igshid=1vfbjrpy2qj8z Keto cchocolate cake slice

If you are thinking about eating healthy, keto is the ultimate diet for you. It is a low-carb diet with more protein and fats foods. There are many other foods you could eat instead of the high carbs such as sea foods, vegetable, cheese, meat, poultry and eggs. Eggs are quite versatile since they can be prepared singly or as an ingredient. Here is a creative way for you to eat keto. Who said dieting has to be boring? Check out a few healthy salads together with some salad toppings that will leave you asking for more. Egg muffins :Pexels Ingredients 7 eggsSalt and pepper for seasoning½ cup of spring onions, diced½ cup spinach1 cup grated cheddar cheese4 bacon strips,…

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