Outward beauty is only as good if there is inward beauty. More people are gravitating towards inner beauty because of the impact it has on real lives. The quote ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, is plainly based off looks and not the entirety of an individual’s livelihood. What you see with your eyes can be pleasing but inner beauty has long term effects.
For this, we look at ways you can improve inner beauty for a healthier mind, body and soul.

Better your failed relationships

Our egocentric nature as human beings can sometimes make us lose our loved ones. We may be too quick to judge and are never forgiving. Keeping grudges does us as so much harm. Before the year ends, try and reach out to anyone that has wronged you and vice versa. Make things better from your end even if the other person deems it best not to. Mental inner beauty is essential in sustaining the purity of our thoughts and actions. In forgiving those who wrong you, your mind and heart is purified and the burden lifted. You in-turn obtain inner peace and a long stress-free life.

Join a community

It could be with familiar people or total strangers but joining a community is a dose to a better life. In such an environment, you get to learn how to interact with people having similar or varied opinions and life skills. Don’t restrict your community members to people you only know. Instead, mingle, participate in activities and be part of that community wholeheartedly. You can only get some life-saving skills from interacting and being around people. The main objective is to ensure that they positively impact your growth and of those around you. Ideas of a community you can join include; church, book-club, website and social media platforms like Facebook.

Do charity work

No one should ever feel coerced to do charity work as it should come from introspection. There is something so fulfilling about helping other people. We learn; how to appreciate what we do and don’t have, to be more sensitive, mindful and to fight other people’s battles with an open heart. Charity begins at home so start by being kind to the people around you before going all extra. Don’t help others just for clout, it beats the whole essence of inner beauty. In most cases, good is done in secrecy and for the amelioration of the other party expecting nothing in return.

Read widely

When we read, we arm ourselves with new and helpful information. Reading widely will help you survive in tough times as you will be well equipped intellectually. Knowledge is power’, but the power here is for the benefit of all. Every book we read has a message to that can guide us in living well with others. Reading will make you less judgmental as you will be more open to life and its bombshells. Have a pen and a note book close to write any useful content you will need to be a well-rounded human being.

At the end of it all, possessing both inner and outward beauty sets you apart at all times. Lo and behold! You’re beautiful!

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