Food to children is how they get to connect with culture and learn more about their environment. Balancing between broadening their experiences and widening their preferences can be tricky. Even for you, new foods are approached with a level of curiosity and caution. While at it, here are some meals reviewed in taste that you and your family can enjoy trying out and ticking off your bucket list.

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When bringing in these bite size foods, ensure you serve a small amount as you prepare everyone else for the main meal and dessert thereafter. Having an extremely filling starter can be limiting to your new food experience.

Main meal

For this choice, you’ll most likely prefer it for being in nearly finger food form as well as accommodating some stews. This makes it palatable and easy to chew especially if you have toddlers.


Everyone enjoys some good dessert. This choice is best as it’s the middle of frozen yogurt and gives kids the ice cream feel. If your children enjoy such mild desserts, this will definitely be a delicious treat.

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