We may all one way or another, be experiencing tough times and lifestyle changes as a result of the existing pandemic. The magnitude of one’s grief may differ from another but we all attest that words of affirmation can jump-start us to feeling better especially if we can’t surround ourselves with our loved ones.
An affirmation is a statement you tell yourself, meant to inspire you to make changes in your behavior by affecting your subconscious mind. Below are six positive affirmations you can tell yourself any time you feel low.

This goes a long way as it’s an affirmation of the situation at hand. In introspection you accept that you’re not okay and that it’s normal for you to feel that way. Be in the moment while wading through those dark times with the hope of brighter days. Don’t shy away from staying in touch with your emotions as it’s the first step to your journey of hope.

It’s okay to be true to your current emotions :Pixaby

Such a short phrase, but the impact it has on the human race is outstanding. Repeatedly whispering to yourself that you can do it, you can overcome the pain and get better, is sometimes all you need.

No time for excuses. You can do it :Pixaby

Amidst the pain, hurt and loss, assure yourself that better days are coming. That even though you’ve experienced as much hurt you will conquer and overcome any feelings of negativity. You affirm that you will not remain in the storm forever as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope never fails :Pixaby

Love in its purest form heals most, if not all wounds. When we lose our loved one, a part of ourselves feels lost as well. Although nothing or no-one can replace your loss, fill your heart and soul with love and let it work its magic. Seek higher power from a spiritual affiliation for unconditional love even when the heart turns numb.

Love makes the world go round ❤️:Pexels

Search for strength from within, you’re strong and brave. Saying this to yourself acts as a reassurance that you can hurdle these tough times. Being a brave heart will not be easy, but with this affirmation you can always remind yourself of the direction you need to take you to a better head space.

I am strong, I am brave, I can do anything! :Pexels

Reminisce on all the good times you had with your loved ones and smile while at it. Your memories with them are what you should hold onto through this grieving process. Choose to look for the rainbows on the storms and acknowledge that you can’t change anything that wasn’t in your power. Remain grateful for the time you spent with them while allowing yourself to heal.

The door to new experiences is always open. It only awaits your entrance.:Pexels

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