Choosing a name for your baby boy is a tough decision to make during your pregnancy journey. You are always on the look out for the cutest, coolest and unique name for your baby boy. There are so many factors to consider when picking a cute boy name from modern names, trending names to popular names. Some parents consider using their family name that has always stayed for generation or coming up with one.

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1.      Kai

Kai is a Hawaiian name, meaning ‘sea’. It is also a Chinese name, meaning ‘Victory’. It is a powerful name for your little one.

1.      Amir

This is an Arabic and Hebrew name, meaning ‘Prince’, ‘King’ or ‘Treetop’. Amir also has some origins in French meaning ‘Little Beloved. Amir is a derivative of the name Emir.

2.     Kenji

Kenji is a powerful and unique name with its origin in Japan. Kenji means “strong, intelligent and vigorous”. It is a cute name for your baby boy.

3.     Asher

This is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘happy and blessed’. The name will reflect your child’s world with laughter, love, and happiness.

4.     Elias

Elias comes from the name Elijah, meaning ‘Jehovah is God’. Elijah is a biblical name.

5.     Malik

Malik means ‘A kind-hearted strong king’. This cute baby name is derived from the word ‘Malik’ which simply means king or chief. Malik or Maalik originates from the Arabic, African, Swahili, and Indian words.

6.     Aiden

The name Aiden is of Irish origin meaning ‘Little fire’ or ‘Fiery one’. Aiden originates from the Celtic god of sun and fire, Aodh.  It is also a Hebrew name, meaning ‘Handsome’.  It a unisex name and can be written as Ayden, Aidan, Aedan, Aidyn, Aadyn, and Aydin. 

7.     Kairo

Kairo or Cairo is a cute name for your baby boy. The name refers to the capital city of Egypt- Cairo. Cairo is an Arabic name meaning ‘Champion’.

8.     Kaden

Kaden is a strong and powerful name for your baby boy. Kaden means ‘fighter’- your son was born a fighter. It has its origin in native America. It also an Arabic name that means ‘Companion’. Kaen can be written as Kaiden, Kayden, Khaiden, kaidyn, or Kaeden.

9.     Myles

Myles or Miles is a cute and popular name for baby boys. Myles is a Christian name with multiple meanings in different languages. In Latin, it means ‘Soldier’. In Hebrew, it means ‘Gift from God’. In Irish, it means ‘servant’. In English, it means ‘Merciful’.

The above contains our top cute baby names for boys in 2020. Cute baby boys’ names cannot be exhausted in one list, but have fun while picking a name for your baby boy.

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